HK516V2 Blue Gang


Package Description


HK516V2 Assault Rifle. A gun that can be categorized as an Assault Rifle with some epic stats and an impressive scope calibration for super accuracy while shooting. It also comes with loads of attachments that give a really amazing feeling to the weapon holder. We also bring high-quality textures that give a more realistic look to the game.

What makes this weapon special?

HK516V2 has a side ways scope that when a player has the scope attached the player tilts the weapon sideways so the shooter can see through the scope. It is also blue themed that can be used for gangs on your server


High-Quality textures
Add-on Weapon
Suppressor Attachment
Scope (Side ways Dot) Attachment
Extended Mag Attachment
Grip Attachment

PERFECT First-person calibration for bot iron sights and scopes

The weapon can be customized to each server's liking by changing the .meta files

And the best part. You can edit the skin of the weapon to create custom skins if you like

What also comes with the package…?

  • The package includes .meta files that give you the option to change the dagame bullet count and other things to the weapon.
  • Also with the package we include a folder Called Extra_Files, which Contains an ESX & QB-Core (but you have to use these values to make it for ox_core, ox_inventory) configs In Order For the Attachments To Work.
  • And finally we give you 3 photos at 4K resolution so you can use them in your inventory or make your own showcase. (We suggest to re-scale them for inventory)




We are using the FiveM asset escrow system to protect sensitive files. You can read more about the escrow system here (

The purchase is made through Tebex, an official partner of FiveM. After The purchase, you can download the files from the keymaster > Purchased assets tab.