30 Hidden Drug Recre


Package Description

Multiple Drug Places

Our RV MLO for a server offers 10 unique 3D interiors of recreational vehicles that lead to an underground base. Immerse yourself in a world where players can engage in various drug-related activities, explore the different environments, and discover the secret underground base. Our RV-MLO provides an unparalleled experience for Roleplay players looking to experience the dark and edgy side of the criminal world.

Whether you are the server owner or a player, you can enjoy the fully customizable environment created by our 3D interiors. With the ability to switch between 10 different interiors of recreational vehicles, players can discover the entrance to the underground base and experience endless possibilities in the world of drug trade.

Get ready to explore the depths of the underground drug world and discover the secrets hidden within. Don't wait to experience the thrill of the drug world in gaming, get our MLO for your server today!


  • 526.84 3094.92 40.46
  • 2335.96 4891.03 41.81
  • 2423.83 4021.1 36.78
  • 2344.52 3330.8 46.19
  • 251.86 3187.04 42.75
  • -205.16 6532.33 11.1
  • 1522.45 6341.15 24.19
  • 2525.24 4968.39 44.45
  • 311.2 3384.51 36.54


1) Drag and drop all 3 folders into your resource folder of your server.
2) Make sure you have DoItDigital_Recreational_Vehicles_Drug_Places & DoItDigital_Interiors &  DoItDigital_MLO_Assetpack as folder names and nothing else or changed.
3) open the DoItDigital_Interiors folder and open the file config.lua there you can select which location will be enabled and which location will have the type you want as interior weed, coke, meth
4) Make sure you start all three in this order...

  1. start DoItDigital_MLO_Assetpack
  2. start DoItDigital_Interiors
  3. start DoItDigital_Recreational_Vehicles_Drug_Places