30 Multiple Drug Con


Package Description

Multiple Drug Containers 10x3

10 Hidden Places around the map that can be changed to either weed, coke, or meth based on your server's needs. Can be changed even on a live server with our custom-created base script. There is also the option to disable each location you want entirely. It's also an optimized map!

You can get all the locations in the config.lua after your purchase


1) Drag and drop all 3 folders into your resource folder of your server.
2) Make sure you have DoItDigital_Drug_Containers  & DoItDigital_Interiors &  DoItDigital_MLO_Assetpack as folder names and nothing else or changed.
3) open the DoItDigital_Interiors folder and open the file config.lua there you can select which location will be enabled and which location will have the type you want as interior weed, coke, meth
4) Make sure you start all three in this order...

  1. start DoItDigital_MLO_Assetpack
  2. start DoItDigital_Interiors
  3. start DoItDigital_Multiple_Drug_Places