Do It Digital HUD Sy


Package Description

DoItDigital All-In-One HUD System


This package is compatible with  ESX 1.2, 1.6,1.8. 

Just copy paste the resource to your resources folder and start the script.


For this script to work you will need:

  • esx_status or similar
  • esx_society
  • es_extended
  • pma-voice/mumble-voip or similar


This is a highly customizable and optimized resource that provides a fresh and modern All-In-One HUD System.

It uses the official CFX escrow encryption that ensures buyer's and seller's protection.
Remember that in order to run this protection system you must use the latest artifacts and a licensekey from your CFX account.


  • Custom Status Locations
  • Draggable Statuses
  • Draggable Zone Status
  • Default Messages
  • Seatbelt System
  • Access to add/remove statuses
  • Zones to disable weapons in with job exceptions
  • Zones to disable collisions in
  • Zones to disable voice chat in
  • 4 Different Custom Themes
  • Ability for each user to fully customize their HUD
  • Postal System
  • Compass System